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This website was set up by the Community Development Network, Moyross to provide information about Moyross and the work of the project.

The website builds on the popularity of the local newsletter 'Moywrites' produced by the Community Development Network Moyross and it utilises the IT skills and media expertise of 'Changing Ireland' staff based in the community, at no extra cost. The Moyross website and blog are supported locally by 'Changing Ireland'.

Read more about the launch, and other stories on the blog.

The website features news from local volunteers as well as staff, and is getting plenty of visits. We aim to provide information from, about, and for the community of Moyross. If you have news or questions, we'd be more than glad to hear from you.

Community Companions

Community Companions Corpus Christi Community Companions have been operating in Moyross for over a year now and have become well known faces amongst the local residents.

The overall aim of Corpus Christi Community Companions is engagement with, and support of, residents of the Parish by providing a "listening ear", "wasting time with people". By listening, it was expected the Companions would provide emotional support to individuals, building trust, confidence and self-esteem.

The Companions could empower residents by encouraging them to participate in community events and the services available to them (social, leisure, education, family support), build their own social networks and develop social and recreational activities within and outside of the community, if appropriate.

Click here for our blog entry on the origins of Community Companions.

Click here for a behind-the-scenes video interview, which you can watch online.

Pictured here are Breda Duggan and Anne-Marie O'Connor. Ten volunteers recently finished a training course for companions.


Moywrites is still in print, as well as being available to download as a PDF.
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